Monday, November 5, 2012

And it's 1-2-3 What Are We Votin' For? -OR- Better Daze!

The time to hesitate is through.
No time to wallow in the mire.

Whose mire? The Republican adaptation of Ron Popeil's Showtime Oven? "Set it and forget it!"

To belabor a point, for the memory challenged, RWR ascended to office on the promise of eliminating all the fat and waste in Jimmy Carter's mind-boggling egregious $576 Billion budget and getting government out of the way of prosperity. In his first 100 days.

On, or about, day 101, we were told there not only wasn't any fat or waste to be found, but that our future relied on tripling down on federal spending. Deficits be damned, there'd be time enough to worry about debt later.

Exactly 11 years 264 days later as it turned out. That is when ownership of the national debt transfered to Bill Clinton. That's when Republicans once again began losing their minds regarding federal spending and the national debt.

Then, as now, health care was the biggest driving force behind our deficits and debt, but could not, would not, be addressed because SOCIALISM! Evil evil bad bad...
A symbolic, but portending, shut-down of government was staged. Taxes were raised, spending was "controlled" and deficit projections turned into surplus projections.

It took the better part of the preceding 8 years to turn twelve years of RWR "spending our way to prosperity" into a sane (by comparison) financial plan with surpluses that were projected to completely eliminate the federal debt by 2010. An issue that, while shortlived, was hotly debated on its wisdom. Would a debt-free America be good for America?

In less than two years, that debate was moot. Tax cuts!!! WAR!!! OIL!!! Billions in subsidies, billions in disinvestment incentives, billions in deferral and billions for Medicare prescription drug Big Pharma! Turned tidy surpluses (rainy day accounts?) back into deficits and accelerating, compounding debt.

By gridlocking the legislative corrective processes, the works just keeps ticking away. Republicans not only framed the national discussions, but kept the spigot open and flowing through the RWR preferred provider pipeline.

As money tricks go, this is a doozy. Through it all, each and every day, $11 BILLION dollars flow out to "approved" vendors and recipients where it may then "trickle down" the way St. Ronnie intended until the well runs completely dry. Only then can the true and proper order of the Party of God be realized completely.

Hope and Change THAT! Realizing the 93-2001 mistake risked the RWR house of cards legacy, the pledge was made to never let sanity take hold, ever again.
An overwhelming majority recognize that something very screwy is going on around here. They're just not clear on what. Too close? Too apathetic? Too easily misled? Too easily distracted? Too sick of it all? All of the above?

Tomorrow's contest is not about any of this. The outcome is pre-ordained regardless.
Train keep a-rollin' until the wheels fall off.

Good luck to us all.

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Suzan said...

Good stuff.

Can't be said enough.

Love ya, baby.

Keep at it!