Friday, November 9, 2012

Squeakers, Sneakers and Teh Challenges To Come -OR- Plutocrats Will Be Okay. Really. They'll Manage Somehow -OR- The BEST Fifty Bucks Ever Spent

X number of people are convinced that their lives are shackled to the continued prosperity of benevolent benefactors. The bennie's value and worth still deemed more important than fairness, justice and equity. There's ample evidence that this is a logical conviction for them to hold. In their world, in their circumstance, it works acceptably well for them. The name on their paycheck, their uniform, their dance card is clear, bold and legible. No split loyalties. No question. No alternative. Like it or lump it.

Even if a moment of disquiet enters, when padding along behind, that, through no fault of their own, the implied, inferred and/or clearly stated warning that the outcome of an election will determine their future, they will exhibit loyalty and obedience to the brand in all ways. They will project their fears, anger and trepidations onto whatever they are conditioned to target. They will simply go along to get along.
You'll hear them squeal when mention of taking a good hard look at our priorities dares enter the equation, but even in that they're confident that nobody's gonna actually revisit the financial sleight-of-hands, excesses, crimes and misdemeanors to recoup the takings that have defined modern life.

Under different circumstances and distance, it might actually be fun to watch as the spokesreplicants for the disappointed Right, contort, twist, try to find the silver lining of this latest epic fail. Knowing full well that as the dust settles they will arrive at all of this being the fault of Dirty Fuckin' Hippies!!!

Unless you managed to resist watching the Noise machine's frantic effort to dissemble, deflect and distract, you'll caught the waft of cautioning telling the loyalists that nothing is over until the RIGHT gets what it wants! No retreat, no surrender, no terms... We'll see about that.

A musical interlude to continue reading by...

In times of dexterity like this (HT/ FST!) I recall a singularly offensive acquaintance who brought joy whenever he was elsewhere. It was unanimously agreed among our group, that he was to be avoided, but that proved to be difficult; bordering on the impossible. When gathered in a public place, he would usually make an appearance. Bet on it!, making enjoyment of whatever event/activity was taking place not so much fun. We always made the best of it anyway, but if given our druthers...

One strange day, out of the blue, this miscreant showed up with what he claimed was a HUGE problem. He needed Fifty Bucks immediately or calamity and horror would end life as we knew it. It being early on in the festivities, and happening to have an "extra" $50, I pulled him aside, handed him the money and told him to go take care of his problem. WE. NEVER. SAW. HIM. AGAIN!

There were random sightings and several of the group even exchanged formalities on occasion, but WE didn't have to deal with him socially. To this day. Last I heard he'd moved to Texas. From my experience, he'll either fit right in or meet a tragic HUGE problem there as well.

I often wonder if this could be done on a larger scale...?

If you have an hour to spare, and can stand a peek into the human abyss, this Bill Moyers, Matt Taibbi and Chrystia Freeland discourse is worth watching.

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