Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let Me See If I Got This Straight -OR- Douchebag, Please! STOP!

Now hold on thar pardner! If I'm to believe this douchebaggery, it is critical to our national interest to understand the minutiae of the CIA director's affair with his biographer, to turn over every rock on the planet at least once to make sure nothing is missing from this colossally bone-headed man-move? Where the fuck were all these pecksniffs after 9/11?

Hints of a White House cover-up? How can you say such things with a straight face after poo-pooing the biggest national security clusterfuck in the history of national security clusterfucks? One that has cost a Trillion dollars so far and millions of destroyed lives? One that has projected costs three times that amount to deal with the casualties and economic side-effects?

But a man banging a groupie who in turn sends threatening emails to a Military Base Fluffer to stay away from the prize she stole fair and square? Yes, we need every speck of salacious gossip, Bizarro World conjecture, wild-ass speculation, Congressional reaction about this before even considering fixing the mountain of fuck-ups awaiting Congressional action.

In the name of national security? Indeed. Ninja douchebags, well played...

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