Thursday, October 25, 2012

Morning Joe's Long Knives -OR- No Joe, Please DO go on!

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  • SCARBOROUGH: My larger point is, on the torture issue, or on the Bush-Cheney approach to terrorism, whether you talk about tripling the number of troops in Afghanistan, whether you talk about drone warfare, whether you talk about killing people in countries indiscriminately where we haven't even declared war. If you talk about Gitmo remaining open. Listen: we can have a debate whether we have to be clear-eyed realists and be this ruthless in this new war. Fine. And I'm not going to say that you hate the Constitution and you want to shred the Constitution, and you subvert American values--and I'm not just talking you here--if you agree with what Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have chosen to do since 9-11. I just find the hypocrisy from the left galling. 
  • REMNICK: You may but in fact-- 
  • SCARBOROUGH: I should -- 
  • REMNICK: I don't. You and I actually agree on the issues you were talking about in their specificity. You talk about predator drones: I have a big problem with that; it's mentioned in the piece, it's mentioned in the piece. So, what are we talking about? "The left." As if there's this massive block of opinion. 
  • SCARBOROUGH: You know what we're talking about, David. But if you want to pretend that you don't then we can go ahead and just talk about this piece. And I suggest we do that, because you're playing a game. 
  • REMNICK: I'm not playing a game! 
  • SCARBOROUGH: Let's play make-believe, David, that the left has been ideologically consistent and all of the vicious attacks on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for doing many of the same things that Barack Obama's doing, let's just pretend that that hasn't happened.
There was much, much more that Joe Scarborough wanted to, intended to, staple to FIVE words out of the New Yorker's 3600 word endorsement of President Obama. No, Joe was not deliberately trying to pick a fight? He wasn't whoring for his party? He wasn't still white-washing his own shames by equating the unwilling partner that's been dragged around the rethuglican revolution dance floor for decades, with his singular delusion that he and his Rethug pals embraced the other side?

SCARBOROUGH: So let me ask you, who got paid the bonus for being able to squeeze in, quote, "the shame of the Bush years?"

So, it was off to the races. Even though the piece laid out the shames, and the consternation of "the left" with President Obama for not being able to fix it all,
and discomfort bordering on pissed-offedness that big chunks of the shame continue because there simply wasn't a way to just quit cold turkey.

At one point of his intractable "both sides equally bad" distraction, Joe had the nerve to compare the entire left on one side with Charles Krauthammer. As though he was the primary spokesperson and arbiter of the right. Strategically forgetting Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Huckabee, Doocy, & the rest of the Faux Noise stable of "talent", Bachmann, Coulter, Beck, Palin, McConnell, Bohner, Priebus, Steele, Gingrich, Perry, Trump, Rove, Rmoney, Ryan, Santorum, Brooks, Friedman, Nooners, Akin, Mourdock, Trump, Bloomberg, Norquist or the campaign of ginned up outrage begun, in earnest, on January 20, 2009. Joe even forgot about the Tea Party wing, Internet trolls, seagulls and flying monkeys, completely, in his defense of his beloved compartmentalized POG. Nope, it's Charlie Krauthammer alone astride the elephant.

In what alternate reality do Joe's blinders sync with actual events and history? Why on this earth must we continue to include people who've been absolutely, disastrously, wrong about absolutely everything since 1980? Why do their shames and failures have to be forgotten rather than reconciled? Why must we suffer these assholes? Do we really need insight into their delusions that past and present aren't snarled up in the same ball of bullshit? Or that President Obama and the country haven't been saddled with the shame and consequences of their self-righteous wars on everything?

For two hours every morning Joe "the Scar" picks at our festering scabs as though they are new wounds and acts indignant that "the Left" hasn't SIMPLY healed them.

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