Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finally, A Candidate Promoting Peace through Peace? -OR- Who Arrrrrrrrgjh These People?

Multi-tasking debate night:
Watching Bears/Lions, Cardinals/Giants, Rmoney/Obama..

A blown shut-out, a rain-soaked blowout and a WTF was that?

None of the contests lived up to the pre-game hype. In two of them,the marquee's rosters matched the scorecard. In the third, it appears a last-minute ringer replaced the Republican presidential candidate. Instead of the arrogant professorial liar of debate #1 or the chastised liar of debate #2, the rubber match, ironically? pitted a whole new math and memory-challenged replicant shape-shifter displaying incredulous elasticity against the sitting POTUS.

In addition to re-mapping his persona and his seemingly-forever campaign, Rmoneybot #3 also re-mapped the globe, re-wrote history selectively and bald-facedly denied/misstated/contradicted most, if not all, of his previous misstatements.

If I didn't know any better, and if I closed my eyes and hit myself in the head repeatedly with a ball-peen hammer, I might have thought Rmoney was channeling Dennis Kuchinich's for his closing statement.

Mittbots for PEACE? Never coulda seen THAT one coming. Was that a curveball or a screwball? A slider? A splitter? A spitter? All of the above?

And the race is still a dead heat? In what universe is that remotely plausible?

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