Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Irony Age? -OR- Shiny Baubles

I should probably entitle this missive: "How I Spent My Summer Vacation", but that would require mundane details that matter not; to anyone but me. When last I published, I didn't know I would be taking this much time off. Suffice to say the time was not misspent. We went places, we did things, we visited friends, we saw some stuff, we came back. Things were much the same as when we left.

If you're reading this, and have read any/some/all of my past posts, you might appreciate my perspective that taking time off from the seeming dominance of inane, untethered, soul-less arguments over how we should or should not be living was/is and will always be the only sane approach. My absences prove, to me at least, that my attendance and attention have ZERO effect on the course of discourse.

While there is personal bemusement at the repetitive, incessant claims that if you're not part of the solution; you're part of the problem, it also stands that those making those claims the loudest are absolutely the whole of the problem. It's their game. It's the whole of their philosophy.

My input is largely unwanted, unwelcome, summarily unheeded and wholly unappreciated. Is that a problem for anyone but me? When the debates and discussions return to matters of substance instead of the distraction d'jour, I will heartily join in.

Until then it is pointless to attend, participate or spectate the third-rate sideshow activities. Our "fights" aren't even in the same zipcode as those we need to be fighting. This is the same tactical advantage that's been exploited for decades by forces of evil, Southern Strategists, Palinites, Strict Constitutionalists, NeoCons, the spotlight stealing opportunists who gravitate to centerstage for the party of God. Their lies make me long for God's smoting phase.

I'll be around more, I promise. I've been trying to square a few ideas without much luck. I think I understand what's going on, but I'm damned if I can explain it. What has me stymied is WHY it needs explaining anyway.

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amber ladeira said...

Glad you and yours took time off. Not true that no one cares but you whether you post or not. But I agree
sometimes backing away from the fray
is highly salubrious. Best Wishes!