Friday, June 8, 2012

An Important Document That Will Not Be Read By Decision Makers

In the ongoing 30 years and counting "War On Education", regardless of the reality within our schools, teachers have been scapegoated. Teachers' Unions have been demonized and clevernesses have replaced sound thinking in our Ivory Towers Playdough Fun Factories. A common attack is that teachers, through their unions, have not tried to help matters. They have been portrayed as short-sighted and greedy and PAMPERED? Because this IS opposite world, the truth lays 180° from where all the fingers are pointed.

The Schools Chicago's Students Deserve

The deck is stacked against parents, students, teachers and anyone who genuinely cares about the future of education. The house (and Senate) always wins?

It may not be fair to say that the CTU document won't be read by lawmakers and policy setters. They may actually go through it with a fine tooth comb, looking for the nits they can pick. What they won't do is UNDERSTAND.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you that those most affected by public education policy are adversely affected right now. My take on the details may vary a bit from yours, but not much.

(I think you may have visited my blog yesterday. If so, you saw I inadvertently posted what I intended to print from "drafts", which upset me, as we like to keep certain locations vague. I took that post down.) Best Wishes.