Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And Then A Step To The Right -OR- But It's The Pelvic Thrust That Really Drives You Insane, Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Let's Do The Time Warp again and again and again and again.

This may be hard for you to understand, but it's gotten harder for me to reframe the obvious or put a fresh angle on the same old same old. It was far easier when we first began the steep plunge into OPPOSITE WORLD, but that's been 32 years fergawdsakes!

Twasn't it cute when our wee little ones took their first halting steps into OW? No, not particularly. Coming as they did after the unsatisfying four year ball of confusion that vainly attempted to come to grips with a solid decade of Nixonian deception, debauchery and Ford forgivery.

All of these things are much like the other. Math and memory join truth and justice on the scrap heap and the Opposite World truth keeps marching on. It helps not a whit that decades into this shit some people began to see the light. For every sudden epiphany by prominent, but unapologetic former zealots of Right-wing propaganda,
feigning shock and disappointment that they were so gullible, hundreds of craven devotees to the flock of St. Ronnie have stepped up to perpetuate the lies and detach the consequences from the actions.

I'm not naive, but I am optimistic enough to think that sooner or later we'll have to reconcile accounts and pay the tab. A series of long overdue cleansing enemas won't fix everything, but it'd be a good start.

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amber ladeira said...

--And now they're so bold about it that Neil Newhouse, Romney pollster, almost said "We can lie". He DID say the campaign won't be dictated to by the fact checkers....so I posted about THAT, natch!

Soon I'm going to publish my list of some of the actions adults must make if they're interested in taking back the country. If it's too much work, they deserve what comes next, but not you and yours or me and mine. Best Wishes!