Monday, January 23, 2012

Influence Back-Peddling -OR- Fool Enough Of the Pig People For Long Enough

H/T Mad Magazine

It's been clear to me since 1968 that a wormhole had opened and deposited Opposite Worlders in our midst. I've watched in bemused horror as they laid out their agenda. I admit to giggling openly as they bumbled, stumbled and seemed completely alien to this planet. Those halting, stuttering first salvos of Barney Fife "Law and Order" versus Dirty Fucking Hippies spewage seemed harmless enough since they were so at odds with the reality for most Americans.

Their efforts were feeble, their rhetoric was over-the-top, their double-standards and faulty logic were transparent. They were clearly a solution in search of a problem. So full of distrust, fear and ugly, there was no way they'd be able to find quarter in this country. Unless conditions changed they would never be more than an annoyance. Certainly would never be put in charge, or allowed anywhere where they could put their inane world view into practice.

But these sowers of sour were nothing if not industrious and perseverant. When simply laying out their "plan", they were roundly laughed at and ridiculed. Their dire predictions were baseless. In the end, the only nightmare force that was "out to get us", determined to destroy the American way of life, was the conservative movement. People, in general, understood the concepts. Good versus Evil. They were sold something completely different. Marketing and advertising were brought to bear to change the conditions. Power and influence were used to alter the script. Silent steady encroachments were exploited until defects could be built it and/or added to our daily diets.

Our lives are hopelessly interconnected. We live on a large, very sensitive web that can transfer unease from seemingly unrelated distant points.

Nobody shakes the web better than Newticles. Nobody shifts the fault lines with greater dexterity. Nobody is more cravenly convinced that the scam can be fulfilled without detection. President Gingrich? Who better to pull the final switcheroo then "save us" from ourselves?

Nobody embodies the long con of Opposite World with Newtie's deeply flawed understanding and mitigations. You ALWAYS know where you stand with him.

In the way!

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amber ladeira said...

I think of all 5 or so running for
Prez I dislike Newt most of all:
his thinking serving on the faculty of Georgia Tech proves his genius, not understanding that using the word "grandiosity" correctly in ANY context must confer negativity, his three wives, his Contract ON America, ad nauseum. He is emblematic of all that is wrong with America.

Meanwhile, here's hoping you and yours are reasonably well and happy. Best, A.