Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reproblican Motto: If At First You Don't Succeed...


It's 2012 and the "question" of Reproblican FAIL is still subject to debate? Bravo! Got to hand it to the skeevy bastids. No matter how early and often their ham-handed, say anything brand of populism is exposed as fear-driven, self-serving and destructive, they remain on message. Despite the redundancy of their blatant hypocrisy and disdain for America and average Americans, they claim their path is righteous and Christian to the core. While displaying all of the characteristics of the pure sociopath, they insist that eliminationism will unite us? Purging, cleansing, incarcerating anything that gets in their way.

If they can just imprison, marginalize and exclude enough, their illusionist's majority will survive and the greatness of what was once America will be theirs to control? Isn't that exactly the time loop we've been repeating for decades now?

What sustains and expands their agenda is the perpetuated notion that what they've done is NEVER enough. Not that it was wrong, addle-pated, against the treaties and agreements hammered out over a couple of centuries and change that lent opportunity and stability to our lives. That somehow, those filthy bleeding heart liberal hippie scum sabotaged their plans?

Locking up 2.5 million Americans didn't make us safer, happier, more secure? That's only because it should have been 10, 20, 30 million anyone who bitched? The S&L fiasco that distracted, derailed and shook our trust, that enriched overwhelmingly "conservative" reproblican interests? The clear answer is more deregulation and allow the whole financial industry get in on the fun. When that craters, blame the welfare system?

When the billions pooled in 401Ks are replaced with counterfeit securities and IOUs, and this occurs cyclically, almost predictably? It's not the market being manipulated and enabled to steal, it's not that our Congresscritters couldn't resist the pitchmen and flim-flammer's shimmering lures that promised prosperity for all, it's because brown people hate us for our Christian freedoms?

Funding for this ongoing criminal conspiracy has been labeled free speech. Protected.
They tell you that what's bad for you is really good for you. They tell you that there are two sides and clear choices. I don't know about you, but the only sides I can discern are inside and outside. Upside and downside. They tell you that both sides are equally to blame. The arsonists for setting fires and the victims for living in a place that an arsonist might target? They should have known better?

The ONLY "sides" who seem unconvinced that the game's rigged are the riggers, their Congressional beneficiaries and their media stooges. Their vistas are clear and tastefully decorated and wrapped up in Jebus bows. People forget? They disremember? Driftglass calls it strategic forgetery. I'm not so sure. They remember. They're full-blown nostalgic for the memories. What they seem to forget is how it was lost.
Or at this point, what IT was in the first place, because as long as I've been aware, this warped and twisted domination of defining good and bad have been wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible. We've always been on their slippery slope, engaging in their desired discussions and looking at what/where they've been pointing out our "problems". It's now the only thing on the grocery shelves. The argument is now how authoritarian and punitive things have to get before we all submit to the grand design.

The infamous bridge to nowhere may be somewhere in Alaska, but the reproblican's Ronald Wilson Reagan memorial bridge to nowhere is Nation Wide and it's all been accomplished by lying and stagecraft.

Yep, got to hand it to the skeevy bastids. Thanks to their vision and cleverness, our future's so bleak, we've got to wear blinders just to bear the loss. After 1001 reproblican candidates' dog and pony lie-fests where the argument is over whether grabbing one's ankles is the proper position to assume for receiving the next dose of reproblican solutions. But hey, this time they MEAN it! That other stuff? That's the old reproblican way. Get ready for the new stuff!

When they've successfully contaminated or destroyed the last remnants of our glory decades, you can thank them as they feel entitled to be thanked.

Honesty? It never had a chance. Too many skeletons to hide and sins to eat. In Opposite World, honesty is poison.

Right? Right? Nothing Left!
Always remember, This time it's because teachers and cops and firemen are being paid too much!


Bustednuckles said...

The sky is always green in Bizzaro land.

amber ladeira said...

It seems many of the worthwhile
jobs are poorly paid, like day care
work and proofing.

I guess it's this Opposite World
Earth has become, been building
up to it since Brave New World and
1984 were warning us.

Maybe the sheer volume of the
dross will collapse upon itself
and give us all some ease.
Best, A.