Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bottom of the Ninth -OR- Crushing Defeat

It's been 20 years since I had my "Reggie Year" playing 16" No-Glove softball around Chicago. 30 years since I had my "Mr. October" moment. In the title game. Extra innings. In the top of the ninth (Softball plays 7 innings)the opposing team pushed across a run. The season rode on us coming up with at least one in the bottom of the inning. I was due up third.
The first two batters singled bringing me to the plate with the winning run at 1st. I hit a line drive with eyes (shot!) between short and second. The short-center fielder made a spectacular diving catch, jumped up, ran to second, tagging the runner coming from first base while stepping on the base to complete an unassisted. triple. play. I ended our season?
Half way to first base, I saw the catch and knew I was out, but the rest of the weirdness had nothing to do with me, all I could do is watch as our season ended.
I was dumbfounded.

Oh well, great game? One for the ages?

Old news. Spilt milk. Water under the bridge? So imagine my shock when a neighborhood bar had a championship reunion night for the teams in the league.
A good friend played on the opposing (winning team) and called me from the festivities. "Hey, getcher ass over here! We're sitting here watching your triple play!"

"Say What?!?!? You mean there's actual footage of my nightmare?"


I raced right over. I didn't get to watch it myself, but I'm assured that it does indeed exist and the guy who brought it has promised to burn it to a DVD for me.

I will finally be able to prove that what happened was not my fault. There is joy in Mudville!

In the grand scheme, it's but a distant memory, but as moments go it was a singular experience.

When I get the DVD I'll figure out how to post a youtube of the play and let the intertubes decide for themselves.