Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just My Imagination, Running Away With Me-OR- ==TILT==

Who is the voice in your head? The one that alerts you to bullshit.
The one you listen to most often. The one that you sometimes overrule only to find out you should have listened. Yeah, that one. Who is it? Have you even considered the voice? We all have one. It has many names; performs many functions. Conscience, Moral Compass, Bullshit Detector, Danger Signal, Advisor...

I have a head full and today two of them share a stage.

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amber ladeira said...

These were/are wonderful artists,
yes, but I was never so inchoately
longing for access to adequate
articulation that I needed the help of these two gentlemen. I "imagined" before Lennon, was boldly counter-culture before Zappa, a Socialist in Texas as a 15 year old, when I met Norman Thomas. (-Aware to some extent even at 7 in DC, watched a lot of
newsreel film on '50s B & W TV.) My Socialism lasted about a year and a half; I'm re-registering as an independent, want that actual ballot. Again, best, A.