Friday, December 9, 2011

Busy Day Hall Decking -OR- It's Looking Like Christmas Threw Up All Over the Place

Two years ago at Christmas, my daughter arrived home for the holidays. She walked into the house, dropped her bags and held her hands up to her eyes, mimicking holding binoculars, she panned around as she walked through the house, saying "Yep, Christmas".
I was intrigued so I asked her what she was doing. She said "Dad, everywhere I look it's Christmas. It's like Christmas threw up all over our house!"

Now I was a little miffed. I don't feel our decorating is over the top at all. It's certainly not Clark Griswold Christmassy. I don't have an inflatable Homer Simpson Santa, a Polk Bros. plastic Santa or anything oversize at all. There's garland and ornaments and lights and stuff... and the theme does include the living room, dining room, tv room, foyer, kitchen and bathroom on the first floor, but doesn't everybody's?

Then she said, "No Dad, it's a GOOD thing!" ... and it was.

So this year, like every year of her life, our house says Merry Christmas to one and all. Tomorrow is ornament day. The 37th December 10th on which the ornaments go on the tree. No fanfare, just Pizza and family.