Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Remembering -OR- When Madness Rules Unquestioned

Today marks the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. The defining moment of the last half of the last century. Few people saw the actual event as it happened. Within days everybody knew enough to understand what had transpired. We could no longer ignore what was happening on the other side of the world.

Over the next 4 years we changed the world. We joined forces with our natural allies to defeat megalomania and restore the peace that had been shattered.

As we remember the event, honor the victims and appreciate the accomplishments of all who sacrificed to reach V-E and V-J days, it seems wise not to allow this day to be used to justify any more than that. We were attacked. We responded. We fought for each other in hopes of returning to our American way of life.

It's also important to fully appreciate the thinking of our attackers. Their belief in their superiority. Their iron-fisted leadership based on delusions and propaganda willed their subservient followers to the otherwise unthinkable.

Our whole country went to war with one purpose. To stay alive. To end it as quickly as possible, by whatever means necessary, so as to get back to more productive lives and live in peace.

It's also important to consider what might have happened if the Japanese military hadn't made this fatal miscalculation. Without Pearl Harbor, our non-involvement would have had dire consequences that are unfathomable.

It was a terrible price to pay and a terrible lesson to learn. Today is our reminder. We should heed the lesson and show that we've learned.

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