Monday, June 20, 2011

Spot the Problem -OR- TIME Magazine? Really?

Outsiders vs. Insiders: The Struggle for the GOP's Soul

Straight from the FICTION shelves and JOKELINE'S padded cubicle. At very best, this would be a shriveled, atrophied prune of a "soul" hardly worthy of any sort of battle. Why wouldn't TIME magazine call it as it is? The soulless pursuit of the continued nation buggering the GOP has indulged in servitude to its least admirable benefactors?

At some point it must be critically evaluated and determined that our trust has been violently and brutally violated. That the "winners" at each methodical rape along our path to Opposite World have been those who funded this ongoing criminal enterprise. (any decriminalization and/or legalization of the actual CRIMES must be drastically discounted).

The GOP has perpetrated one massive scam after another through less than civil or even human determinations of value and worth. All while touting their moral superiority.

Critics are right to quickly point out that Dems have been spineless at times and equal abettors in the massive consolidation and protection of "wealth". They are wrong to extend that criticism to any segment of what is labeled the Left Wing.

Look What the Republicans Have Done to My Country

The present exercise is no less than the mopping up exercise to nail down any heretofore unlooted resources by and for the "worthy". It's fighting over table scraps to make sure that the have-nots will know their place once and for all.

Those linking up these false choices and attributing any sort of benevolent motivation to the perpetrators are either delusional or complicit collaborators.

We're sooooooo phooked. When the bough breaks, the payback will be a swift, righteous lefteous backlash. Stand back and take cover.

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amber ladeira said...


I just read your link listing
recent legislation that the new
right wing U.S. House has passed.
That Rep. Virginia Fox is a piece of work! She doesn't believe in the concept of hate crimes either.

There certainly is plenty of blame to assign in both parties, to say nothing of the population in general.
Once good legislation IS actually signed into law, it should continue to be monitored; nothing is guaranteed to last, witness this chipping away of a woman's right to choose and a doctor's right to be trained.

Every gain in individual freedom must be guarded zealously, fought for anew when threatened. We HAVE fallen far short in that vital task....what a wringing of hands will result upon the tardy realization of what's been lost!

Thanks for the link, I think!
(Yet more to be upset about....)

Best, A.