Wednesday, June 29, 2011

That Oughta Do It! -OR- Tweakers Tweaking

I've changed Congressional Districts. I've been traded from the Illinois "Fightin' Third" to the Illinois "Fightin' Seventh"!

The 2010 Census remap of Congressional Districts was signed into law last week. I'm a blue dog no more. I no longer must cringe when looking at my Congresscritter's voting record. Yip-fucking-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I haven't moved, but now instead of my interests being represented, in Washington, by Dan (Bill's Son) Lipinski, I will be looking to Danny K. Davis.

Life isn't fair. Sometimes it's not fair in your favor. Thirty years ago I was pleased/amused when shifted from Henry Hyde's district to Bill Lipinski's. Twenty years ago I was slightly disappointed when we weren't gerrymandered away from the Lipper to either Davis' 7th or Guiteierez' 4th. Six years ago, I actually considered a physical move when the Lipper's son was given his daddy's seat.

Now, for serendipitous fortune, I can actually support my local Congresscritter. I have no illusions that this will suddenly right all the wrongs, but it certainly gives me one less thing to bitch about.

It's still Chicago, Crook County, Proviso Township, Illinois politics with all the negativity that engenders, but somehow I actually feel better about my/our chances.
It's as though some cosmic force is sending a message that my "plan" is working. By remaining in one place, eventually, the whole world will wind up here too? Eventually?

In the past I've exchanged kind words with Davis' people and angry words with Lipiniski's. I've rationalized my representation by equivocation. Having Dan Lipinski
was still better than what many others had to endure. It's likely to be a brief respite. At 69, Danny K. Davis is not likely to remain my Congresscritter much longer. He'll be replaced by another west side movement Dem. I may lose Davis' progressive, democratic socialist, new party D leanings, but for now I'm gonna enjoy the feeling and worry the rest later.

If nothing else, the images I'll encounter when visiting my Rep's website will no longer jar my sensibilities. See for yourself. Can you discern the difference?
Davis : Lipinski

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