Thursday, June 16, 2011

Law of excluded middle -OR- Connect The Fucking Dots Already!

Wherein we examine, evaluate, peruse and consider the presented bill of fare to determine if there is anything of nutritional value worth ordering from this self-proclaimed Eleventy-star bistro. Despite appearances, this isn't Tiger-Mom's dinner table. You don't have to sit down, shut-up and EAT! You don't have to consider what people somewhere wouldn't give to be in your place. You don't have to accept warmed-over, substandard product because they say it's cutting-edge "cuisine".
Just use your senses. Smells like shit? It's probably shit. Smells like shit drizzled with perfume? It's probably shit drizzled with perfume.

Aren't you tired of false choices? Especially the same old -tired to the point of tedium- false choices trotted out every damn time a distraction is desired? You know they're false choices because they are so narrowly framed as the only possible options. Neither is particularly palatable, both are ladled with so much slop, glop and special sauce that you're never really sure what the main ingredient might be. One is dressed up, perhaps wrapped in the flag to be presented as so obviously less toxic in order to make the choice a no-brainer.

Please don't confuse your position in these battles. Make no mistake that these are indeed battles or that the stakes aren't germane to your quality of life. And PLEASE don't dismiss or downplay the deliberately, minutely orchestrated, stagecraft that's been carefully choreographed for the last several millennium.

Surrender nothing. Fight back against deceit. Ask nothing that isn't yours by right of participation. Remember that our progress as a nation was not bestowed, but earned; fostered by generations of work, building and sacrifice for and by the common citizens. Remember too that since forever, wealth and power have tried to claim ownership of all that enhances their wealth and power while ceding ownership of, and responsibility for, its toxic by-products.

Believe that for brief times there has been balance between the factions on the macro level. That these balances were achieved only when neither side wanted or expected it ALL. It has been a bargain. A contract. A mutually beneficial arrangement for a common goal. Despite relatively recent short-sighted takings, it isn't "theirs" unless you give it to them, whatever IT may be. Without your specific, informed approval, ownership claims aren't worth the paper they are written on.

Your only avenue of protest may be civil disobedience, but takings by proxy, even with the color of authority, cannot stand against an informed resistance. Refuse and refute the conjured dragons. We certainly don't need imaginary problems when absolutely real and present ones are pillaging our country.
Just Connect the fucking dots. will ya?

At distance, the dots are easy enough to connect, but if you obscure, deny and ignore the implausibly glorified Reagan Detour as POINT FUCKING A of this train-wreck, and cling to its mythology, I'm afraid you've failed. As is your RIGHT. That you seem willing and content to swallow the lies that are destroying us. That too is a freedom you currently enjoy, but when your proxy takes down the next support, all bets are off.

You are ground. zero.

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Cletis L. Stump said...

...or, perhaps, "ground to zero" if, as you say, we don't beat on some pots and pans at the courthouse square.