Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Societal Smart-Bombs -OR- Make It So

They came for the trade-unionists and something SNAPPED!

With several Trillion$$$ of transfered wealth alleged to be on the sidelines just waiting for John Galt. With Trillion$$$ of tax dollars pumping through the financial markets. With Trillion$$$ of tax dollars coursing through the military-industrial complex. With Trillions$$$ of PRE-tax dollars pooling in 401Ks and other misunderstood retirement conduits. With Trillion$$$ of state-incurred debt...
Now is the time!

It's obvious that the problem lies with UNIONS eh? Our GREEDY working class poor. How dare they feel secure and valued in an era of rampant unemployment when laborers would cede almost anything for a paycheck again. You'd have to be one of Driftglass' Flatworms to not see what's going on.

The cowering figure depicted is labeled business. In 1937, a full 8 years after the crash, business was still askeered of the big bad government. Their stalwart, loyal, lobbyists, at the time were the front pages of just about every major newspaper in the country. Each and every day, they railed against Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his programs, his proposals, his very being. Protecting the singular interests of wealth and privilege. The best paid writers of the Great Depression were churning out anti-government, anti-Roosevelt, anti-socialist, pre-Randian tripe about how tearing down the rich was not the way to go. How an unfettered, untaxed, unregulated market was the American way.

Even with unemployment at 25%, massive nomadic migrations, Hoovervilles, grinding poverty and diminishing prospects, the majority of Americans were still working, felt lucky to have jobs and were willing to work harder for less just to make ends meet.

Enormous wealth was attained by those able to buy up troubled businesses for pennies on the dollar. Businesses could become troubled by limiting their access to capital and/or making the capital very expensive to access making more businesses available for bargain hunters.

Robber barons? Feudal Lairds? Carpet Baggers? All pikers comparatively.
Our present manipulators have a far larger, more insidious, more malodorous arsenal at their disposal. It's taken 40 years of patient agitprop and ownership consolidation to assemble the siege tower that will finally topple the last vestiges of FDR's New Deal. Decades of demonization, millions spent on mouthpieces to push the verbiage, endowed think-tanks spewing corporate gibberish chasing the last obstacle to their dream of owning everything. They can almost taste it. The sweat, tears, skin and sinew of generations of workers, put on the block. America for sale.

The people's representatives -set up by economic hit-men- are poised to give it all away cheap. Rolling economic black-outs deployed strategically to break down resistance. So close. So close.

The last best money-trick.


zachary klein said...

good one, boss. real good.

Rehctaw said...

Zach, For some reason your link isn't working.
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Aha! seems to have an extra E between klein and online.

Cletis L. Stump said...

I'm thinking we can set up a count down calendar in the blogosphere of days remaining until Governor Walker can be recalled. It would keep attention focused on this situation. I found this on line: "I read all of the information about recall requirements including the Frequently Asked Questions at the end of the information about Recall Elections:
“1. May individuals petition for recall if the office holder has been in office for less than one year for the current term being served?
(***answer) No petition for recall of an officer may be offered for filing before the expiration of one year after commencement of the term of office for which the officer is elected. A petition may be circulated 60 days before the expiration of one year, but may not be offered for filing until after the officer has completed one year in office.”

It looks like a petition could commence circulation in the first week of November, 2011 and be certified on January 3, 2012 if it has the requisite number of valid signatures."

amber ladeira said...

To Watcher and his super smart commenters:

Everything you've said here is sad
reality, as far as I can see it.

I just replied to James Kwak/Simon
Johnson's economic e-newsletter, the Baseline Scenario (which is also in the NYT as "Economix", as you probably know.) James took
David Brooks to task, also penning a good analysis of benefits vs. salaries, the public vs. the private sector, etc. Inflamed,
I scribbled something back which I'll transfer to a post.

Keep up the good fight!
Best Regards to all, A.