Friday, February 25, 2011

So Tired -OR- Opposite World Whiplash

"You can wait here in the sitting room OR sit here in the waiting room"
See we're giving you a CHOICE!

Straight out of the Rod Serling handbook.

The sociopathic bi-polars, like Mr. Magoo, have done it again. To lauds and laurels from their doubtless delusional, memory-addled troupe of regurgitating followers.

Witless this exchange:
DDRF: "Has nothing to do with hate. Teachers can contribute to there on retirement and there own health insurance like the rest of us.
Great propaganda by the unions though" (sic)

Response: "Teachers DO contribute to their own retirement and health care. It's is part of the salary package negotiated by the districts. For twenty years (at least, you know during the get rich heydays) they've foregone pay raises in lieu of benefits.... It's not the teachers' fault that districts haven't fully funded the benefits that were negotiated in good faith. Districts have been foolish in expecting legislators would actually address the funding issues.

It's not the teachers' fault that health care costs have spiraled out of control. In fact, if this latest assault manages to deduct health care costs from teacher's take home pay, it will FURTHER spiral those costs for everyone. Teachers aren't the budget busters, insane FOR-PROFIT health care is.

Stop blaming teachers. The proof of their value and worth is evident every day in every way. Stop demonizing teachers and education for the failure of legislators to curb their inner-sociopath."

Another DDRF: "The problem is with teachers with tenure. Some of them no longer care and/or are not or were never any good. Yet, they STILL get paid high salaries and benefits like no other. Raises and continued employment should be merit-based. Get rid of the dinasaurs!"

Response: "Teachers didn't come up with Tenure as their road to riches or their way to "stick it to the man". It rose, as did most/all of our labor laws, out of protection against retaliation/loss of job because of the whims/p...olitics of schools and school boards. Because clever folks come up with clever ways to deflect their own responsibilities and accountability.

If anything, many administrators and boards have been HIDING behind tenure to excuse their lack of involvement in EDUCATION issues. We've all had "bad" teachers in our learning experiences, but they are far from epidemic or even predominant in the field.

At this point it's all games and money tricks. Don't fall for it. Get the legislatures and politics OUT of education. FIX the broken health care system so you don't have to play money games with people's lives.

There has been a concerted effort to destroy public education since the Grace Report. The proof that public education works is that you woke up this morning. That alone should be worth the price."

Spouse of DDRF#1: "I agree. Most employees do contribute to their retirement pensions. Even many police and firemen contribute to their own retirement and do not receive insurance once retired. Also, the cost of insurance could be lowered substantially by simply receiving more reasonably priced insurance. I do think that everyone could help but perhaps at least try to negotiate more reasonable benefits as opposed to dictating or running away. Time for all to grow up!"

Response: "There's a vast difference between negotiating and being steamrolled. By the numbers in Wisconsin, Walker wants to strip negotiating from public employees. So, for all intents and purposes, it's negotiate now or fully capitulate that right forever because Walker has the votes to do just that.

Negotiations are two-sided affairs. I haven't heard Walker pushing to eliminate legislatures, state/county/local governments that sat across the table and made these deals. He's managed, once again, to deflect responsibility by making unions the problem.

At no time in his campaign did Walker publicly say, suggest, hint that getting rid of collective bargaining would be his first order of business.
A sin of omission? Had he clearly stated his agenda, is it possible that the election would have turned out differently? So now, when he says we had an election, we won! He is LYING. This is his choice, not the peoples'."

DDRF#1S: "I know the difference between negotiating and steamrolling and if I didn't I just got a great lesson very recently, it is known as Obamacare. My point was that it is time that both sides stop steamrolling and at least make an effort to come... up with reasonable solutions on both sides . Also, there are many people who have foregone pay raises and don't receive benefits because of the state of the economy. Nothing is as it was and the things people feel they are entitled to; even if they are, unfortunatley need to adjust and then adjust more. The money just isn't there. In IL state income tax was just raised, real estate taxes have gone up and gas and food prices have increased. I doubt most people have any room in their budget to pay more for others much less the things they need or want for their own families. As I stated earlier, it is unnecessary to provide top of the line health insurance when so much could be saved by downgrading to a more reasonable policy. Also this issue is not about liking or disliking teachers. It is about money and power and both sides want it. The best solution is to share the power and stop spending so much on both sides. Basedjust on the posts on this subject , it is unfortunately very obvious that this will not happen anytime soon".

Response: "All you can do is spout the talking points? How wonderful life must be with blinders on. Keep shouting for lower taxes and higher standards.
Never look at facts, they'll just confuse you. Keep moving the goal posts and fearing your neighbors. You'll go far.

So we need some kind of "just good enough for them" health insurance? Is single-payer an option in your concept of health care reform? Since health care is crushing employers, employees and wannabe employees alike, doesn't fixing it ONCE the right way make the most sense. I... know that's not Obamacare, but... that was a quantum leap forward from whence we were.
You'd probably be surprised at how fiscally conservative I am, but at the moment we're in the wrong boat on the wrong waterway, paddling the wrong way. "

At this point, the DDRFs were evidently distracted by some shiny bauble and forgot they were in the middle of a debate. [crickets]
I'm sure when they've gently shaken, not stirred, their etch-a-sketch brains, it will never have even happened.
I guess that's to be expected from folks who roared with approval when we invaded Iraq because of 9/11?, WMDs?, insurgencies?, evil-doers? unknown unknowns ... I bet they fly the flag every day too. It IS the absolute very least you can do as a REAL Amurcan."


Cletis L. Stump said...

From Wikipedia: "Linear reasoning functions of language such as grammar and word production are often lateralized to the left hemisphere of the brain." My feeling is that this applies to the political continum as well. Look up linear reasoning and you'll see why those on the Right, arguably incapable of any but an emotional reaction, have no ability to reasonably defend their posistion as you so beautifully point out. Good God, is it all really just brain chemistry?

amber ladeira said...

Dear Watcher and Cletis:
Where in the human brain do the
vectors of ignorance and hubris
collide? (Inquiring mind wants to
Best, A.