Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fun With Numbers -OR- Poof! They Gone!

Ten cents each or two for a quarter.
100% Graduation Rates?

For the second straight year, Urban Prep Charter High School is not only touting that "all" of its seniors are graduating, but that 100% are going to college.

This is being held out as proof of meeting the Charter school's goals and mission.
What they fail to disclose is that last year's junior class of 121 students became this year's 100% graduating class of 104. The undisclosed asterisk?

This also begs the question of college admission standards when only 17% of the school's students met or exceeded state standards on standardized tests.

It's so much better to LOOK good than to BE good.
Isn't that much of what we've become?

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Cletis L. Stump said...

When I was teaching, we had a motto for the county administration: "Say so and it is so." Try that the next time you have a lump the size of a golfball on your balls.