Monday, February 7, 2011

Disposable Dispostion -OR- I Just Gotta Say It

As a Chicago native, I know I'm supposed to loathe the Packers. Either I've outgrown such blind loyalties OR the fabric of the sport has bunched up. Maybe both?

The Bears won the NFC North/Central/MidLandMass (or whatever the division is called these days) title. They didn't do it alone and they sure as hell didn't do it by outplaying their opponents. From their week one GIFT victory against the Lions when the game losing play was overturned and ruled an incomplete pass, until the Cutler/Collins/ Haney playoff rematch debacle against the Packers, being a Bear Fan this year was simply impossible. In that playoff game, the Packers proved they were the best TEAM in the division. In the Super Bowl they showed the rest of the country that the sport of football is, or should be, mostly about TEAM.

Lovie Smith's reign of indifference must end. It won't. As long as Da Bears can, and do, count on blind loyalty from the fans, and somehow end up with a Division championship now and then with the most gawdawful game plans ever conceived and
put on the field, they will play just good enough to get a really shitty draft choice with which they'll select "the best athlete available". Over time they've rivaled the loveable losers of Wrigley Field at making decent enough ingredients unpalatable.

Every Bear fan should be thankful they weren't watching their squad play in SB XLV.

The Lombardi trophy went to the best team. As it should.