Thursday, February 10, 2011

-4 to 40 -OR- Typical Chicago Weather.

The temps here are doubling every 6-8 hours. Just when us flatlanders were starting to adjust to the mountains that sprang up last week, it's time to break out the shorts.

Then again, when you're standing between two eight foot walls of packed snow, I doubt the air will feel anywhere close to 40°. Only one thing to do. Hie with all speed to a completely cleared/plowed, big empty blacktopped parking lot, break out the grill and patio furniture and bask in the warmth.

Just beyond the 7-11 there's just the spot. The site of a former Chevy Dealer which was part of an "auto group" owned by some Brit. He moved the Chevy Dealer into his former Chrysler Dealership just up the road, he got a sweet tax incentive to renovate, similar to the one he got to build the Chevy Building several years ago.

But that's a story for another day. Now it's time to stock up on picnic supplies!

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