Friday, February 11, 2011

Tree Huggin', Peace Lovin' Hippies Like Me -OR- Time Has Come Today

Transformational ascendency is, evidently, a matter of perspective. timing. tenacity and world-wide media attention.

Regulars here may know that I fundamentally believe in self-rule. That is to say that I try to practice self-control. But I'm a practical anarchist too. I know there are rules. ` just want those rules to make sense and be applied as fairly and judiciously as humanly possible to derive maximum benefit. That, apparently, leaves too much wiggle room for some people.

Right now, we are witness to the the end of an error. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who isn't elated with the events in Egypt outside of the Mubarak clubhouse and perhaps the dysfunctional family @ Faux News. Today is a hopeful day. Tomorrow has finally arrived.

Rather than letting anyone else tell you what it means, I encourage you to consider the potential for humankind. Unlike past transformational moments, we can all be there. LIVE.

Mubarak had a club. A very exclusive club. The people in the streets weren't in it, couldn't join it and didn't particularly like that arrangement. What comes next will be manifold attempts to retain the vestiges of the club because that's how things have always been done. Not anymore.

It's a great day for us all.

Change. Transformation. Can be sudden and stark.

I'll let Todd explain it all:

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