Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Coke and a Smile -OR- The World Sings... A Hopeful Dirge?

"Elections aren't ONLY about the will of the people. Elections are about organizing politically" - Christopher Dickey of Newsweek on MSNBC

Dickey was free-versing about the situation in Egypt where one-way rule and martial law have governed since Anwar al-Sadat. The Mubarak government has agreed to suspend martial law WHEN the current crisis has ended. There will be more freedom of the press once the current crisis ends. There will be sunshine and moonbeams for all.

The planet is experiencing an unavoidable collision between perception and reality, facts and fictions; their purpose and proponents. Facts and reality are meeting the dominant fictions and perceptions that have been used to organize politically.

Wear a helmet.

1 comment:

amber ladeira said...

--AND a reliable suit of armor,
made of tungsten!

In the world of energy policy,
reality and perceptions are
diverging so shockingly and
widely that only the harmful
repercussions (to us all) will

Meanwhile, best wishes to
you and yours. -A.