Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yes We Can Keep the Acronym -OR- Slow, Silent Encroachments


Welcome to the Untethered States of America. And to the Distopia, for which it stands.
Several nations, diced, sliced and divvied up. With tolerance and justice for none.

The true legacy of Trickle Down.

Consider, if you will, thresholds. What are yours? How have you adjusted them in light of everything that has happened? Are you tiptoeing past the graveyards of fallen acquaintances? Has your circle of meat-world friends grown or diminished? Do you think of the fallen, displaced, relocated, with whom you once interacted? Constantly? Occassionally? Hardly ever?

Are you too busy with your own problems and fears to do more than feign interest or involvement in the wider scope of events? Do you dare ask what it is that you do? Or whether it is helpful/hurtful, benign/malignant? It is but a small thing in the overall; after all. Where do you find meaning? And what does it mean?
How do you determine value and worth?

Where do you look for validation and what do you find there that is of comfort? To every thing there is a season? The Lord helps those who help themselves? You're good enough, smart enough and gosh darn it, people like you? I'm a law-abiding citizen, I have nothing to fear?

What and how do you share? Do you have more or less than you need? Does that which you choose to share reach your intended target? How do you know?

As you can see, I have questions I am trying to answer. How about you?

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amber ladeira said...

Yes, Many dark nights of the soul
indeed, many introspective questions and rebukes, redound.

Eventually some answers are apparent, some historical perspective (a necessary 6,000 years' worth), a firm, grim understanding of what is needed to truly fashion a better world....if only I could convince more than ten people of my insights! (My realizations are not unique, but they require courage to accept and work toward, that's certain.)

All I can say is, keep reading, reflecting, and at some point, act.
Teddy Roosevelt was right about
the necessity of entering the arena. (--Liked his domestic policies, hated his imperialism.)

Best, A.