Monday, January 24, 2011

Update: STILL Incommunicado -OR- I STILL Got Nothin'

Time for a break. It ain't getting no better, so time spent commenting on or documenting the ignorance seems like time grossly wasted. Finding or making sense of the thinking behind the deliberate dismantling is a sad and hopeless task.

There's really nothing left to add at the moment. except. PEACE.


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amber ladeira said...

O Yeah but:

--Not true you "STILL got
Nothin'". You DO still got your observational powers
that show you just how bad things are....
maybe always have been. But is
such a sadly sorry state of
affairs inevitable? (I say no.)

It's Winter, most of the pols
are craven opportunists, the tax man cometh,
yuck, etc. I hope you
find a focus for your gifts and
bring them ON.

Meanwhile, Will we see you and
your wife on Sunday Jan. 30th??
You received an emissive about
this, I'm sure.

Best, A.