Monday, January 31, 2011

Third? Fourth Wave Blogging? -OR- Carrying On

I got a minor shout-out on Driftglass and Blue Gal's "Professional Left" podcast. Something about single shingle bloggers posting original content. So... `guess I got that going for me.[g] With all the dark clouds building on the horizon and the horrors du jour conflating to fill the "new" news cycle, I've found it hard to focus.
By the time I calmly count to ten, there's something else screaming "Look AT ME! LOOK at ME!"!!! There is an exacted toll that makes pulling off into a rest area
seem the most logical thing to do. I see no personal upside to reacting to every jangling nerve of events rippling through my waking nightmare.

There's little that's truly shocking to me. Been there; done that. Wave after wave after wave of the natural effects and outcomes of stoopid policies and addled decisions isn't news to me. Microscopic dissection, study and awareness is not just unnecessary, it's time consuming and wasteful.

Just this morning I got hipped to a new blog designed (and possibly written) by a former neighbor. Points for title. "Flicks That Make Me Sick explores the consequence, for some, of the quick cut, shaky hand-held, film style that is tres chic dominant in the industry's output.

It seems some people are getting physically ill, not from the content, but the way the images assault their equilibrium. White knuckle twisty-turny roller coaster queasiness while awake, sober and sitting still. Optical delusions?
Hmmm, I get somewhat that same affect when I try to assimilate the daily news.
The nonsense makes sense? The dots are never overtly connected, no overview, no perspective, just jump cuts, jargon and all loose ends. Unexplainable length, breadth and depth on meaningless celebrity fluff, then "oh by the way people are dying, we'll tell you why after these important messages from our sponsors".

Perhaps in that 3-5 minutes' hawkery, the world shifted, because the lead story after the break is about puppy videos "found on the web". Because I can't watch, I'll never know what might kill me? Moving on.

The juggernaut of stupid rolls on. Like this little ditty, Nothing specific, mostly horrific, dire and dark. The gray of the day, the lingering winter and the approaching HUGE snow storms... Egypt, Charlie Sheen, Tiger Mom, Press the Meat, wide shots, breaking stories...

I feel MUCH better now.


amber ladeira said...

Dear Watcher,

-I love your South Park inclusion!

But I gotta pick a minor bone here:
Some of these recurrent and harmful
stupidities need ever more effective
analyses, else how to properly,
successfully, attack to change?

Please take a gander at my "Errors"
post from today. I always think you
and I worry about the same things,
even if the writing deals differently.

Best, A.

amber ladeira said...

-Post Script:

My kids took me to see "Jackass 3D"
weeks back, and I just made it home
in time to, ahem, "expectorate" behind a large rock on the premises.

(--Looks a LOT cuter when South Park
draws it!)

amber ladeira said...


That Tiger Mom....people only put
up with her because she's a Yalie.
But even she, in the end, had to
dismount from her "Expert Parent"
high horse, as she risked permanently alienating
at least one daughter.

I wonder if you saw this at the NYT
Online, where I did. Great commotion/promotion for her, probably boosted book sales significantly.

Best to You and Yours,