Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Still Among The Living" -OR- Another Old Hippie Speaks

I've been friends with Zachary Klein for over 20 years. He was kindred I found online long before the world wide web. He was part of a robust online messaging community of writers that I fell into. It was my life-line of 110 baud modems, offline message readers and civil, intelligent conversation on a broad range of topics.

He was already a published author who had garnered attention for his debut novel; "Still Among The Living" and was busy writing the second; "Two-Way Toll". With the third Matt Jacob adventure "No Saving Grace", Zach and his publisher had some serious creative differences. His fourth novel was never published.

His hiatus from writing detective fiction extended uncomfortably, but his participation in our little oasis never wavered. Through the demise of echo-mail, the rise of the Web, via an email list-serve and continuing today via a Yahoo Group what remains of the once large, unruly and dis-manageable group has carried on despite a staggering attrition rate.

But Zach is back! He's regained the rights to his work, has cleaned up his office, and is diving back into a writer's life. His online portal has been established @
Zachary Klein it's a bit spartan in appearance, but I know that there are big plans afoot.

So here is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor. He's threatened that his first post will appear very soon. He's usually reliable. So I'm confident in recommending that you take a look.

Welcome to the fold friend. Dazzle me!


amber ladeira said...

Dear Watcher,

I'm glad your friend is back,
"Still Among the Writing"!
I bet he's good; Driftglass
certainly is everything you've
said he is.

As busy communicating as you are,
I'm very gratified you check into
my blog now and again.

Best to you and yours,

zachary klein said...

Just want to thank Rawrah for his kind words and his friendship throughout my writing absence. His support and commitment to political and social change is unwavering and has been an example to me during our entire relationship. Thank you.