Sunday, October 3, 2010

Give Them A Light -OR- Who Scared You?

Oh, for the dayz of benign banality. When conjured commies, unearthly UFOs and guffawed goons were enough to quake the quacks. Duck and cover drills, backyard fallout shelters, HUAC spectacles and largely symbolic fences have been surplanted by
Opposite Worlders with Homeland Security and ever-present danger.
Ah yes, those halcyon dayz before we began mainlining fear and paranoia as the national narcotic cocktail.

Giving fear a face and a name has far exceeded all expectations. The Alpha and the Omega. Against all logic, against all advertised dogged pragmatism, against all innovation and against all pleas of context, the United States of America has abandoned hope, hedging it all against the great unknown emanating from scattered site, unquantifiable, unstable, transient, evil-doers with either advanced light-bending cloaking technology, world class ghillie suits or just a mastery of hide and seek tactics that utterly baffles our high-tech defenses. What diabolical evil geniuses!

Having milked our propensity for protections (for phun and profit) and hitting the proverbial wall in terms of improvements, how fortunate that brand-new threats be conjured to focus our distractions and drive our industry.

Or, in the words of the 21st century's Nostradamus, Ed Grimley,
We've gone completely mental, I must say.

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