Saturday, October 2, 2010

Expatriated @ Home -OR- Most Don't Give a Shit

"If X happens, I'm outta here! I'm moving to ______________!"

If I had a dime for each time I've heard this, I'd have a buncha dimes.
Could it be that I'm just lazy? That sort of fits with the DFH stereotype.
Locally, Regionally, Nationally... Society's disgruntled Nomads trudge onward
from place to place looking for their own.

In their thinking, there was a place where everything is Tickety-Boo and would not rest until they found it. Ready made. No muss, no fuss. They were unwilling and unable to settle. If the collapse of the housing market has an upside it's that people are being forced to take a good look around their community and actually JOIN in to address needs and shortcomings.

Suddenly there's a flurry of localized upstart grassroots causes searching for support. They are hampered and hamstrung by some established efforts who believe themselves to be the rightful conduit for community actions, but decades of mission creep, inbreeding and atrophy render them incapable or unwilling to allow meaningful input by "outsiders". These battles, petty turf wars and pissing contests may be entertaining and amusing to watch, but they are, in the end, unproductive.

Baggage handling becomes a full-time job. Grudges fester. Wagons circle. Hunkering in bunkers with limited contact and zero outreach.

Where are the peacemakers? The uniters? Who will lead?

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