Monday, October 4, 2010

Heads They Win; Tails They Win -OR- )))))SPITTAKES!(((((

Not to be mean, harsh, rude, crude or insensitive, BUT... every batshit day, in every batshit way, every batshit thing they think, every batshit thing they do and every batshit thing they say leaves me breathless at their boundless, bottomless, bone-jarring, reality-ignoring stupidity.

So how, why and where is ANYTHING they say NEWSWORTHY? When you've been demonstrably, painfully, planet destroyingly, sustainability threateningly, horribly, fatally wrong about absolutely everything, what possible justification is there to allow you to remain on OUR public stage and keep repeating the point of view of the catastrophically WRONG as though it just wasn't properly understood or tested?

Who are they? you might ask, thinking I'm singling out the unhinged righties who regurgitate their talking points while conveniently disregarding the damages their tireless line of bullshit has inflicted upon an undeserving planet? Well yeah them, but it also applies equally to the spineless Quislings who allegedly represent the opposing point of view. You judge them by what they do, regardless of what they SAY.
This ain't no party. This ain't no disco. And they sure ain't fooling around.

Their actions have serious real world consequences, from which they are fully isolated and insulated. So here's a little hint, if what you're doing is WRONG, continuing to do it will not fix anything. Moving the lever over further toward batshit crazy can ONLY make matters worse.

At the moment there are legions of pissed off people who are eagerly going wherever they are aimed. You can, MAYBE, continue to distract them from seeing how they are being exploited and used. And MAYBE, just maybe, there is a little more power you can extract from their pissed-offedness, but then what? What's the plan for when you're at the front of the mob and they've finally had all they can stand?

Do you honestly believe the mob won't tear you limb from limb? Won't dance and piss on your entrails? You're the ones who said you'd fix it, you'd make things make sense once more. You can't do that without getting rid of the NONsense. You might definitely make bullshit fly, but you can't make it fly indefinitely. Do you think you can hide? Away from the fray, then reemerge when the dust settles?

Good luck with that.

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