Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Words Sound Queer and Funny to the Ear -OR- On Our Discordance

I'm a big fan of Peace and Prosperity. As words, and as guiding principles, they are powerful. Expanding them in manageable ways, seems to me, a goal worthy of widespread support. Are they being wielded at all by anyone with a platform?

Dennis Kuchinich? He's standing on a thimble, speaking to an empty auditorium.
Go where the crowds are and what will you hear? "Grab your gun! Hoard, hoard hoard.
Disaster's here and it's only going to get worse." It is a war on freedom and liberty waged with ginned up fear and baldfaced lies in pursuit of power and control.

Relative peace and relative prosperity? Peace by proxy war and isolated prosperity? Limited peace and scattered prosperity?

I'm OK, you're on your own? Yeah, that's a plan.

I think what bothers me most about our national dialogues, presently, is the unspoken aloud, but overtly implied, desire for hegemony of, by and for only the deemed worthy. Piqued intolerance toward all else, put forth as righteous, or somehow, a religiously demanded duty of its adherents, without an inkling of understanding the "my god is better than your god" pissing match for which they're enlisting.

Good luck with that. When this is the unfortunate choice being proffered, joining isn't an option. Effort has to be redoubled to quarantine this virulent infectious disease.

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amber ladeira said...

Watcher, I like this post too,
very well-considered and balanced.

Have a good weekend!
Best Regards, A.