Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Take My Kodachrome Away -OR- Nuts In Ruts

In which we first ask the question: Which is the greater danger, our political Luddites, our political grifters or our congenial, sociopathic, congenital liars?

The follow-up, of course, is how we arrived at the above as our Catch-22, false dilemma choices.

Then there are sideshow geeks of this carnival. The "once upon a timers", the pretenders, the pundits, the schills, who blot out the sky. Circling, wheeling, diving and SWAGging (def #3 Amber[g]) in a fantasticular frenzy of fawning falsehoods from a festooned facade of cocksure fabrication.

Got no solutions and frankly, I have lost my admiration for the problem.
But I'm with her.

"It was easy. I just done did a bad job." just ain't cutting it anymore.
It wasn't done correctly, only from and for the Right? DO IT OVER!

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amber ladeira said...

--Hah! You just referred to the glossary so I wouldn't needlessly
query you. But I don't know what
[g] signifies, unless perchance,
"guffaw"? "Nuts in Ruts" is one
I'll quote elsewhere. Best, A.