Friday, September 24, 2010

The Petty Stuff -OR- Is That All There Is?

"Since that's all there is my friends, then let's keep dancing? Let's break out the booze and have a ball"?

(No that is NOT Mika Brzezinski it's the Divine Miss M.)

Existentialist irony brought to you by the usual suspects? As a card carrying
DFH, I am usually very supportive of recycling efforts that offer
a viable alternative to depleting the planet's resources.

The story you are about to hear is true. The names haven't changed significantly, if at all. Once upon a time in the land of US...

(Truth be told, I had sketched out a post regarding the newly unveiled Reproblican recycling, Pledge To America, project... it was immediately shitcanned when The Daily Show and others said/did it so much better and faster than I ever could. If you missed it, I don't know where you can possibly find it, or the riffs on it now. Except
on the interwebs)

Just one Fezzini Inconceivable
fucktard denial after another and another and another?
Short attention span is one thing; Deja Vu is another, but Batfuck STOOPID shallow and crazy is just too fucking dangerous these days. So what's it really all about?

Thou shalt not remember; except in gauzy reverie. And, of course, blame the hippies.

In truth, all this low-hanging fruit is perhaps the most devious aspect of their turd-polished scheme. They know that their gullible pawns will lap it up and regurgitate it incessantly to anyone and everyone. They know that Congressional "gridlock" is a misnomer since nothing stops except solutions. So 83 cents out of every dollar still goes to "costs" other than the stated objective and their peeps (and successors) are still on the teat. And even while they say nothing's moving, the flow is steady making the right people wealthy and keeping the wrong people so fearful of EVERYTHING or dumfounded at the stoopid that their pleas barely register.

Congresscritters can just round up more buckets instead of fixing the leaks. Follow the money and there you'll find a fat and happy political donor.

The scheme will likely work again. Perhaps not as successfully as it did previously, but for enough, for long enough to prevent the escape velocity needed to get out of this nightmare.

Now I am guilty too. I've stoopped to pick up ANOTHER one of their recycled turds. They distracts me so. In spittle foamed incredulity I've expended time and energy reacting to their empty shill. Just can't seem to lay off that high stinky cheeze!
(Do you think it's rolling that cheese up that's turned the minority's head oompa loompa ORANGE?)

Shorter Version: If the Repiglicans are the answer, it's a really stoopid question.

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