Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'll Say Anything -OR- Even NOT Cute When Young

What would make someone who knows so little about so much:
A) Not realize that Bill Maher was USING her cluelessness, not elevating her stature among thinking people?
B) Go back for 21 more humiliations?
C) Think this is resume' building for a United States Senate Seat?

The landscape of coldly calculated resumes surfacing in the various races are
frightening. The ultimate triumph of symbolism over substance? Like an optimized formula for political ascendancy? Whose standards are these anyway? Have we yet reached the point at which this superficiality is grounds enough for voters to reject a candidate? When two equally unsuitable candidates square off, why are we surprised when a waste of space is elected?

Who wins/Who loses when allegedly important positions in our society are filled with clueless, but wholly narcissistic, meat sacks constituting a majority of both political factions? Followup: Who is primarily funding this insanity? Why are they so intent on raising the level of incompetency in politics?

Yep, you know it.

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