Monday, September 27, 2010

National A.D.D. Velocitization -OR-Politcal Football Season Begins

Waiting For Superman? NBC launches Education week (an in-depth look). Zuckerberg gives $100 Million to New Jersey schools. President Obama says "Money alone can't help.". Yada yada yada.

The focus is clear. The message is still subliminal. Your schools suck! Run away!
Millions "educated" in the failure that is our public education system bleat, nod and change the channel. Suspicions confirmed.

Empowering charter schools, emboldening voucher advocates, scaring the parents/ guardians, and causing venture speculators to salivate all over their Forbes magazines as once again, it's time to kick the education football around! Let the great election year tradition distraction begin.

And they're OFF! Have your scorecards and crib sheets ready. Pay close attention and cheer for your favorite. But whatever you do, don't think! WE got you covered!

Eighty percent, of those over age 30, in this country are products of public education. That was the national average when the war on education moved to the fore, so it's interesting and telling, that our national debate on the subject has
been steadily steered away from that norm. If you remember when the advisers arrived, with the formation and release of the blue-ribbon committee report "A Nation At Risk", we were told just how stupid we were. How hopelessly behind we had fallen. How vitally important it was that we abandon, dismantle and rethink the WHOLE system. This came as no huge shock to anyone who could see the chaos, violence, lawlessness and stupidity on the evening news.

Let the shifting, shafting and blaming begin! Remember, you have to start with the children. Get them at an early age so they can be taught what they need to know. For thirty long years we've been teaching their parents that in order to love your kids, you have to get them out of the public education system.

American life is all about options. You need options in order to make choices.
You make choices to show that you're a good consumer. American life is all about labels. Driving the right car, wearing the right clothes, drinking the right light beer, having the right address in the right zip code, the right schools, the right teachers...

American life is all about price tags. If it costs more it's inherently better.
The right products from the right store to bring home to your right address in your right zip code. It's better, right?

Any doubters? Look at the Jumbotron. Everything you need to know is right up there.
The score stands at Ten Trillion to NONE. Which side do you want to be on? Which side do you NEED to be on? That's RIGHT!

That's been the RIGHT'S formula. PASS? FAIL!

Despite their efforts, our public schools are still producing the majority of our second-to-none college students. The most glaring declines in elementary and high schools have occurred where the "options" option has been promoted and exercised.
The drain hasn't "creamed" the top. The best and brightest succeed regardless. The
drain was designed and installed to remove the MIDDLE. The Average. The ballast of the system in order to destabilize it and fulfill prophecy. It is still a work in progress. Schools that were weakened from previous campaigns and abandonment are still around. A few have scratched their way back, others have cribbed the tests, but most are still treading water; waiting for Superman.

The median age stands at 36.7 . Critical mass has not yet been reached.
That event horizon is still distant enough to frustrate the right, but they do have
the "system" on its heels and playing pure defense. The war of siege and attrition chugs along providing very lucrative "opportunities" to all manner of snake-oil pitchmen.

Locally, voters are still putting their money where their self-interests are; supporting their local public schools. To the extent that their schools have countered the attacks, defended their "turf" and delivered for their students they have been rewarded, locally, through support and understanding. By opening their doors to their community, they've kept it real.

Sad and funny that you won't see their side of the story in "Waiting for Superman".

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