Thursday, April 29, 2010

Signal to Noise Ratio -OR- WTF?

What else can I do? I've got the squelch knob turned up to eleventy! I wish I could riff on the stupid shit like the cool kids, but I'd actually prefer to attempt to add to a relevant, productive discourse. With Bleed-over (Bleeding: Interference caused by a station operating on a channel adjacent to yours: "Someone's bleeding on you" or "We got some bleedover." See also "step on" and "walk on.") it's tough to get a non-discouraging word in edgewise.

It's great fun and all since it requires only knee-jerks, but it's hardly helpful.
The truly maddening part is that it is deliberate. Predictably measured and deliberate to achieve a desired outcome, like shouting CUBS RULE in a Sout Side White Sox bar on nickel beer night. Then stepping aside to observe the carnage.
Chum for the pundits who will gnaw on it, toy with it, extrapolate it to its absurd
without thought OR conscience.

Less filling... Tastes Great! Mr. Hand versus Jeff Spicoli. Rob Petrie versus the Footstool? When was the last time you heard an actual debate by our deliberative bodies that didn't consist of spoon-fed cliches at a target demographic? Not gainsaying, diversions, cough-talk, code-speak or recalling the out of context, immortal words of St. Ronald hisself or some other shade of politics past. None of which address the problems, all of which serving only as cover for lack of original thought.

Gay marriage? Immigration? Really? Is there an iota of difference between MTP and Access Hollywood? Between the NYfuckingTimes and National Enquirer? Shouldn't there be?

And now for something completely different? David Gregory with two assholes. Wolf Blitzer with an even dozen! Deja F.U.

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