Friday, April 30, 2010

You Are What You Eat: Menu #4,304 -OR- Same Old Shit

Left Foot Green- Right Hand Blue. Pop a Six and you move twice!
This dietary supplement provides no nutritional value. Offer void where applicable.

With Old Faithful regularity, issues that aren't issues are hotly debated to lend a vital air of import to the largely unimportant activities being passed off as "running things". The minutiae being parsed out, boiled down, reformulated and distilled into "squeezins" 24/7/365 is then ceremoniously held out as the hope of all mankind. It is subsequently barely regarded by nearly all of mankind.
At the end of the day, tomorrow will be another.

Whether or not we get sucked into these vortices is proportional to our skin in the games, but like it or not we are connected to, influenced and impacted by decisions, policies and actions implemented through our established decision making process.
It is an intricate web connected to everything; for better or worse.

Early on, each strand of the web was established with reason and purpose for the greater good, against the greater evils known to man. To fix things. To guard against the known excesses and transgressors. Today, you would be hard pressed to find anything still operating under that mindset. These are the silent encroachments predicted by James Madison. Ripsaws distanced from their original intent. Things no longer shackled or limited by its original design or purpose, but still connected by the strands of our interdependent rugged independence.

Like most webs, they pose no obstacle to cunning and skill or determination. What they do accomplish, with amazing success, is to transfer disturbances throughout the realm. Little or no information transfers along, so it becomes difficult to determine the source. It also becomes easy to point the finger of blame at anything.
or AWAY from anything.

That's a whole lotta shakin' going on and it limits movement; let alone PROGRESS.

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