Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Someday; Some Way -OR- Ain't Hurtin' Nobody

Lesbian state rep makes plea for same-sex marriage.
State Rep. Deborah Mell Pushes For Gay Marriage In Illinois.

Gov. Pat Quinn opposes same-sex marriage, but has said in the past that he expects civil unions to be legalized in the future.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady has called for a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and civil unions.

Meanwhile, depending on whose figures you use, the state of Illinois is between $9 and 15 BILLION in the hole for FY 2010. They are slow-paying everyone they can. They are no-paying wherever possible. The trickle down terrorism facing schools, health care, safety net programs and uncertainty for any marginalizable effort is a loud and loudening roar.

Meanwhile, a small group of state reps and local activists have called for deployment of the Illinois National Guard on the streets of Chicago to help police try to slow down the gun violence.

Meanwhile, the roustabouts are busy erecting the big top for this summer's main event, The Blago Trial.

Meanwhile, a 300% increase in foreclosed developments is creating a health and safety hazard due to decay, neglect and the active strip-mining of building materials.

Meanwhile, Illinois roads are rated the 10th bumpiest in the country.
Meanwhile, convention and tourism business is down.

With everything going so well here in Illinois why would Mell want to complicate matters? She's slipping over the border into Iowa to tie the knot. Iowa, with it's budget gap of $400 million or roughly half what Illinois' pols in Springfield spend on paper for the indictments of politicians?

I tell ya, it's just a joy to skim the news of the day.

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