Friday, March 12, 2010

Extremeties Beware -OR- Society's Survival Mode

Being a DFH, I am neither shocked nor awed by the tantrums, whining or wailing ministrations of the petulant importants. After multi-multi-trillion dollar bail-outs, lootings, rescues, solvency assurances, war profits, give-aways, transfers... errr... liquidations, clearly we cannot afford anything anymore. The sole focus at this point HAS to be to preserve the core and everyone can see that the core that must be preserved is the separation of them and us.

Already diminished expectations have to be further squelched if our bloated corpulence is to survive. Now that almost everything has been successfully transferred to its proper category; chattel of privilege, one might expect some smug satisfaction and a period of satiation while the digestive juices process the grand buffet. If one did expect that, one would be a very silly wabbit indeed.

Each time you hear of new record deficits -or new record anythings for that matter-, do you take time to consider the old records? Box Office BayBee! It's been a while since we were introduced to the pretzel logic of Shift, Switch and SHAFT. That the sum of the parts are worth more than the whole as long as value is determined "in the moment". That future has NO VALUE worthy of consideration. Right here. Right NOW.

It's safe to say that fear and panic have taken hold. The negative numbers cascading down around us are paralyzing. Yet, there, just beyond the assembled shades of hopelessness, the reality is that we ain't broke. We are spending more than we have on hand, on questionable priorities, under duress, but it IS real money; Multi-Trillions of them across the spectrum. So, from where does this "Brother can you spare a dime?, "I never made a dime in this business", "one more tax cut oughta do it", mumbo jumbo emanate?

And where is it written that it must be perpetuated? Because behind that exhilarating "YES, WE CAN" optimism that was briefly rampant there was held out, a promise that we'd stop perpetuating the stoopid.

Yet when the first cuts start falling, it's education, social services and poor people who are targeted while the stoopid core uses Louis XIII as mouthwash. Now I'm not begrudging the wealthy their just desserts, only the PUBLIC funds being used to keep up appearances while sympathetically feeling our pain.

The majority and minority emerging from the ante-chambers announcing the latest impasse in negotiations preventing HOPE. "We'll get around to it, but not just yet.
There's a few lobbyists we haven't fleeced yet. A few crumbs we haven't accounted for. Just be patient, we know what to do."

The transparency of the scam affects folks differently. Some want to snap its spineless neck and the others, who in the last count, demanded that they get what's been paid for. IN FULL. MSRP, Rodeo Drive RETAIL with surcharges, dealer prep and mudguards!

These words could be construed as fomenting revolution, they are not. They are only describing the actions taking place that flirt with revolution at all of ours peril.
First against the wall line jockeying by folks who should know better than to play with matches, but seemingly cannot control themselves.

Like a growing number of humans, I'm just tired of being dissed. I want to be gruntled for a change.

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