Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can I Get A Witness -OR- Pop Goes The Weasel

(To the tune: Pop Goes The Weasel)

Massa, Ensign, Stanford, Spitzer, Blago, Edwards, Foley, Gingrich, Clinton, Kennedy, Hart...SURPRISE!

Close the lid and crank again.

Ego-maniacal, self-serving, sociopaths elected into office.
Do what they will as they've always done.... SURPRISE!

Again. Again. Again. Again.Again. Again. Again. Again.Again. Again. Again. Again.Again. Again. Again. Again.Again. Again. Again. Again.Again. Again. Again. Again.Again. Again. Again. Again.Again. Again. Again. Again. (*Note: All links removed for sanity. Each again represented a different scandal that took longer to html than collect. Curious? see for yourself.)

It's a pretty obvious Achilles heel eh? Anyone who knows, but shields the proclivities has a handy chit to be cashed. It doesn't really do much good for a Congresscritter to "be their own man" when the man they be is so fatally flawed that anyone with eyes and access can extort desired behaviors.

Lest you think this a fate known only to the hunky playboy fratboy set?
Henry Hyde, Strom Thurmon, Barney Frank, Bob Livingston, Thomas Jefferson...

Rock Stars, Athletes, Bosses, Butchers, Bakers, Candlestick Makers, BMOC, HMFICs, small town mayors, big city pols, Church Elders, Traveling salesmen...with only two commonalities; human failings and a penis.

Who can they turn to for redemption? Swaggart, Baker, Haggard, their sheltered, shuttled Catholic Priest?

Chris Rock summed it up thusly: "A man is only as faithful as his options."

Consider: The media who cover and interact with such people on a daily basis queer up almost genuine suprise and glee every time the fucking Jack pops out of the Box.

Oh wait, they have human failings and penises too.


Is it beyond the pale to suggest that any candidate attaining public office agree to chemical castration prior to taking the oath? Maybe that could be the acid test for worthiness and commitment for the right reasons. It doesn't have the permanence of Eunuchdom
We have the technology. We can make them behave. Trust, but medicate?

Partly because the other side of this coin is so appealing to the Monicas, Cindys,
Jackies, Mariannes, Marias, Callistas, Marilyns et al who know going in that someone's going down in the exchange. Their ambition is clear, their culpability never is.

Unlike their fee for service competition, these whores have their eye on the bigger prize.

It's unlikely to become the law of the land so perhaps the best option is for us to abandon our childish glee at such repetitive, commonplace happenings and find more educational toys on which to focus?

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