Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Many Times Into The Breach? -OR- Deja vu vu vu vu vu vu vu vu vu

At the end of the day, week, month, year, decade, century, it's always the same isn't it? "Old soul or bright-eyed youth. It's always easier to sell them some shit than it is to tell them the truth." [Baba Fats- Shel Silverstein]

You cannot speak truth to stoopid.

"What about the Death Panels?
There are no Death Panels.
But what about the Death Panels?"
See how hostile they are? All I did was ask a simple question...

The ONLY way to win is NOT TO PLAY.

There really is only one way forward. Fuggem.
See how they aren't listening to meeeeeeeeeeeee!
That's right Bobo, we're fighting against inertia, we're fighting against agitprop, we're fighting against entrenched, monied, well-connected special interests, we're fighting against flaccid campaign finance laws, we're fighting against sixty years of responding to obfuscation, misdirection, stonewalling and outright LIES.

Now somebody rattled your cage and you DEMAND to be heard? Look, as long as you still believe that Ronald Reagan was a champion of the people, that the slimy reptiles from his tenure who are still holding down government jobs, who work from the dogma that government can't do anything right and dutifully prove it daily, that this clusterfuck began upon the inauguration of Barrack Obama, that PROGRESSIVE approaches equal socialism and the rest of the rote regurgitation you seek to spout, you don't DESERVE to be heard more than once.

We all got the memo. You're pissed off. Still mind-numbingly Stoopid, but pissed off.
CHECK. The plain fact is that you're pissed off at the wrong people. So until you've gotten up to speed and can actually separate fact from fear-driven FICTION, your pissed off is just being used by the rat-fuckers responsible for driving us into the ditch. The people who gutted, looted and changed all the rules for SHORT-TERM greed.
Who've lied to you about so much, for so long, that you're incapable of voicing a coherent argument without jingoism and spoon-fed talking points.

Just take a number and wait your fucking turn. Goodness knows, we've waited long enough for ours. Take your pick, dismantlement or dismemberment, but don't confuse our patience for pacifism. That would be the biggest mistake of all.

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