Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Context Sensitive Life -OR- Microscopic Examinations Miss Everything

I'm not enough of a news junkie to be an A-List Blogger? There is deep philosophical meaning behind my Marvin the Martian Avatar; The wider view. If I had the luxury of actually viewing the daily actions, machinations and re-actions from Marvin's perspective, my conclusion would be; much ado about everything.

Drilling down to the molecular substance of news rarely maintains its connection to the world at-large. Just about anything you stick under a microscope gets ugly and unrecognizable quickly. Watching "the news" try to explain things is trying.

My laboratory has the equipment and I have the ability to mount shit on slides and see the lumps, bumps and hair. Guess what, it's ALL lumpy, bumpy and hairy. At that level none of it is fit for human consumption. ALL of it loses context. It belongs to another world. OPPOSITE WORLD. We live in the larger world. In a web of inter-related unaffiliated processes that is more akin to a spider's web. When something sizable shakes the web, it is felt everywhere, but even the smallest tremors transmit across vast distances, so people try to isolate the disturbances that shake without threat.

People rarely step back to put anything into proper perspective. They have people for that. News they can trust?

My local high schools reopen tomorrow. Monday night they were to vote on this year's budget. Not that anyone affected by the district would have known. OR cared much. The glossy mailing received this week didn't mention the budget meeting at all. The local paper probably published a notice, but didn't send a reporter. So many meetings taking place on the same nights and all...

I've casually mentioned this as the WORST high school district in Crook County, yet they will spend ~$70 Million in 2009-2010. Half the class will be enrolled elsewhere on opening day. Of the half who remain, less than half will finish. Less than half who finish will go on to college.

You might think that 10 communities affected by this black hole of education would be interested in its activities, but you'd be wrong. They have no interest, because nobody is telling them anything interesting about what's happening. It's been happening this way for so long that the failure is institutionalized. GIVEN: Don't Ask; Don't Tell.

But 99% of residents could probably tell you about Michael Jackson's last meal or other minutiae that dominates their information sources. The high school failure is common knowledge. So nine months from now, high school will be out for summer and the ante will grow to ~$75 million and another crop of incoming freshmen will be
unprepared to be dis-served while the 150,000 inhabitants of the district are unmoved by the tragedy taking place around them.

Welcome to Hell. Here are your bagpipes.

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