Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nostalgia for our better selves -OR- And so it goes

"Here's two thousand dollars.
This'll tide us over until the bank reopens.

All right,
Tom, how much do you need?

Two hundred and forty-two dollars.

Aw, Tom, just enough to tide you over
till the bank reopens.

I'll take two hundred and forty-two dollars.

There you are.
That'll close my account.

Your account's still here.
That's a loan.
Okay. All right, Ed?
I got three hundred dollars here, George.
Alright, now, Ed...wh-wh-what'll it take till the bank opens?
What do you need?

Well, I-I suppose twenty dollars.
Twenty dollars. Now you're talking. Fine.
Thanks, Ed.

All right now, Mrs. Thompson,
how much do you want?
But it's your own money, George.
Never mind about that.
How much do you want?
I can get along with twenty, all right.
Twenty dollars.
And I'll sign a paper.
You don't have to sign anything.
I know you-you'll pay it when you can.
That's okay.
All right, Mrs. Davis?

Could I have seventeen-fifty?
- Seven...Bless your heart, of course you can have it.
You got fifty cents?

When did we make Mrs. Davis a chump? And where, oh where, is George Bailey today?

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