Friday, April 10, 2009

My Brain Hurts -OR- I'll take that to go. With extra stupid.

I'm often chastised as negative. I don't tend to see it that way. I'm absolutely positive that the batshit crazy proposals and picayune solutions being offered up from the distinguished congresscritters from opposite world are poor subsitutes for what resides in their disease riddled lobes. They labor against their inner bigot knowing that batshit crazy is frowned upon in normal circles. Instead they find cleverness to mask their distaste for THEM people and their type while still winking to their base. Right now that's the only transparency in government.

So I escape. Today, as always, I invite you along for a brief spa treatment.

1 comment:

Suzan said...

And I do luuuuuuurrvvvve those spa treatments.

Thanks for the thought!