Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where To Now? -OR- Tick, Tick, Tick

James Kunstler wonders aloud the question in the back of many people's mind.

" The bigger question for now is whether any of these authorities will act effectively before the public simply goes apeshit and starts burning down Greenwich, Connecticut. The dangerous shift in public mood is liable to occur with shocking swiftness, in the manner of "phase change," where one moment you see a bewildered bunch of flabby clown-citizens vacuously enraptured by "American Idol," and the next moment they are transformed into a vicious mob hoisting flaming brands to the window treatments of a hedge funder's McMansion. The moment of opportunity for avoiding that outcome is looking sickeningly slim right now."

There's a lot more to his take on the problem, He feels, as I do, that central to moving forward, with any hope, is exposing the basic criminality of this clusterfuck which needs to be prosecuted. Not just to recoup ill-gotten gains, but to protect us from recidivism.

This is a growing concern. Not to be dismissed or marginalized.
The public may seem docile, domesticated and dull, but seething just below the surface is a building anger and frustration that has and can erupt with very little warning. Where and what that flashpoint is, hasn't been tested lately. It would be tragic if the CT Chimpanzee in all of us steps out of the shadows.

A commenter there agreed in principle, but offered what I think is a more likely potential.
" I'm not quite sure of this prediction: Americans going apeshit and burning down places like Greenwich? In the war for predominant Reality, the right is winning. It's more likely that an aggrieved citizenry will burn down some remnant of the left - say an ACLU office - than place the blame correctly.

Still, Kunstler's idea is solid: prosecute these malefactors because if you don't, the public will in the absence of compelling evidence blame Obama. This is already happening on talk radio, and the virus is spreading. Obama doesn't have much time as it is. Later, when dismal Reality takes hold, he can remind citizens who started the fire.

This is not a food fight that would end well. Once ignited, it will be hard to quell.
Much of the country is already cautiously arming itself for a worst case scenario. If not literally, then mentally. The back-pressure is looking for a outlet. In isolation, frustrations can be dealt with. When/If it snowballs, not much will stop it before it hits bottom.

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Tengrain said...

I love Jimmy K. Required reading, always. The thing that kills me is that he is right, about 90% of the time, and always ahead of the curve.

He's my Little Ray of Sunshine.



Rehctaw said...

That's one of my sigs for letters to the editor. Raymond Sunshine Jr.
Sometimes I add a Rev. or III or IV.

Being correct is not always a blessing when it comes to opposite world. "Some see things as they are and ask why?..."

When it comes to OWs being ousted as the predominant policy wonks, the stakes go way up regarding a seriously psychotic cultural break.

As always, thanks for stoppin' by.