Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2-4 2sday Seein' Double for Birthdays


Larue said...

Dang, ya went off the hook!

Cody, Morgan/Kids/Campbell!!! Wonder who the steel picker was.

Then Cody with Fat Man, Hagar, Costello, Mitch Woods of Rocket 88's . . . . guiding and leading the jam!!! INSANE!!! I thought Cody said 'Mill Valley' so I think the author of that 'tube has the details wrong in his info. Didn't catch who the first solo lead git player was. Everyone in tight shape, too . . . wonder if that was Tracy Nelson sangin backup next to Costello . . . . dang, brings back the gentle haze of my youth in the Bay Area! Thanks, GREAT romp thru some music!

Rehctaw said...

Jim Burton fer certain on lead w/ Garcia. The singer was Annie (something). I was just stunned w/ the talent mix and trying to figure out how Sammy Hagar got there.

The backing band for My Window Faces the South was Gene Davis & The Star Routers who were the house band at the Palamino Club. You're on your own tracking the peddle player from there. Good luck.

The third clip is Dirty Dan Buck and the Boyzz from Illinoiz. Local bar band who were on the same circuit w/ Diamond T. "Good Life Shuffle" was an anthem of sorts for my late 70's. Helluva party.
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