Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Trick Ponies -OR- The Media are Cummin'

Clueless newziness you can't use. Are we having fun yet?
Yon Christopher has a blank and doofus look. HA!
David Gregory takes a wide stance. Todd is still asking FTW?
Rachel and Keith could be so much more, but why bother?
Bill O and Sean? Yeah well, that goes without saying, the seamless ball-change-shuffle-step made Paula weep, droppin' the pom-poms, twirlin' the pogroms...

Comprehensive? No. Comprehensible? Yeah Right. Information Filled? 90% Chaff. Informative? Not so much.

Doing for News what CNBC did for financial information?

Are you the Gatekeeper?.... I am the Keymaster.

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