Friday, March 13, 2009

The Shot Heard `Round the World -OR- FUCK YOU!

Money begets GREED. Not the opposite.
Intolerance begets WAR. Not the opposite.
Arrogance begets resentment. Not the opposite.

Poverty doesn't CAUSE crime. Poverty IS a crime.
It's not naive to "Give peace a chance".
There's nothing funny `bout Peace, Love and Understanding.

After squatting on the 3-legged Jim Cramer/Jon Stewart stool all week,
yanking for all it was worth, Joe Scar ignored the teat this morning.
Jim Cramer? Who? That's not news anymore.
That's not funny. Ugly truth slapped the cool kids' grin right off their face.
Suddenly there are serious issues. Over there. Oh, oh, over here now.

Patterns of coincidence? Remember peak oil? $4.00 a gallon petrol?
That thar was a sweet taking. Drill baby drill! Record profits!

Remember Fast Times at Housing High? Planting McMansions in the corn fields
and providing Liar Loans for the upwardly mobile wannabes?
That thar was a bucket full of sweet cream, baby.

Ethically dubious yet somehow technically legal? Bullshit. Laws were not just bent, but bent over and buggered. Laws were broken in obliterating the laws.
One big LLC without the limit. Or, it would seem, ANY liability? Not bulls and bears, but chumps and takers. Trillions transferred from Bambi's 401K to Thumper's personal checking account. Over the counter. Out the front door into a waiting Hummerzine. In plain sight. Because the laws were so written.

That's the opposite world into which Jon Stewart's "comedy program" provided a fleeting glimpse. In a half hour, a broadly sketched outline of the CRIMINAL case against all of the participants. It's was a simple scam. Really it was. It's also a very old scam. Financial Alchemy by misdirection. Actionable, indictable and prosecutable. #1 of the top-three over-riding moral imperatives Facing The Nation when it Meets The Press, This Week on Wall Street Journal Week.

This is a Graduate Level Education in TAKINGS. The servers will likely be overloaded
but give it a shot. Carve yourself out 30 minutes. When you've seen it, demand that the prosecutions begin immediately.


Larue said...

I hear a lotta Belgian Waffle hoss ..

Yer saying they SHOULD be hung?

Or, yer predicting that they WILL be hung?

Or they will all get off scott free?

I'm predicting on the last one.

I'll grovel for mercy if I'm wrong.

We can analyze this shit till Commander Cody, Elvin Bishop AND The Cows Come Home . .

But SOME fuckinone has to predict it, and call it.

Hey, like old HP Lovecraft (the music) 'I've Been Wrong Before' . . . .

If ya need the audio I got it, and can burn and send it. Some serious good music, still . . . 43 years or more later . . . lemme know . . *G*

I say they all skate free . . . You Ain't Seen Nuthin Yet, BBBBBBaby . . whoops, different song and band. *G*

Rehctaw said...

oh larue

I want fraud court to replace traffic court in the grand scheme.
Fuck the meter maids, put some monitors down in the trading pits.

I'd dearly love to see the kind of forfeiture laws that have been devised for drugs. I'm not big on symbolic lynchings.

Heads need to roll on this clusterfuck. The right heads, done right would straighten out a whole vital sector of the economy.

Whether they skate or not depends largely on how/when/if the "recovery" is successful. The misery index must be fed.

Dickie Betts save us if TSHTF. There'll be a buncha pock marked walls and burned bridges. Your list, my list. Their list; our list.

Payback's a mutha.

Larue said...

Cue Elizabeth Reed.