Friday, March 6, 2009

Silver Linings -OR- Today's Encouraging Word

Not much doubt remains. This is a clusterfuck. Perhaps the mother of all clusterfucks in the history of clusterfucks. Past peoples have had to deal with plague, famine, natural disasters, war, pestilence... and survived, but nowhere is there a study guide. No crash courses on crash courses. As spectators, we have limited options. We can only hope that Yes, We Can.

So what could possibly be making me giddy these days? Watching the blowholes of opposite world spinning out of control; naturally. For sheer entertainment value, this is hands down, the Greatest. Show. ON. Earth!

That could explain why our infotainment media is so dedicated to putting as many blowholes as possible in front of the lenses and microphones. Jon Stewart's network better watch out. Faux News is challenging them for the title of Comedy Central.

If you haven't watched their prime time offerings you might want to try it out. More giggles per hour than a barrel full of monkeys. More slapstick masochism than a Jerry Lewis marathon. More inept babbling than an Jim Varney film festival. Less self-respect than a reunion of Borscht Belt Vaudevillians. Pure. Comedy. Gold.

Does it make it less funny that the comedians are serious about their shtick? Nope, not a smidge. Is it worrisome that such delusions are put forth as serious journalism? A little bit, but that's all. Journalism dumped its shining armor a long time ago. The indignant few who took a principled stand against abandoning journalistic integrity have settled comfortably into their new careers or swallowed their credentials and now work for the new bosses. They play the game, take their shots where and when they can, but with only rare exception do they rock any boats.

Bob Eucker had the right philosophy on dealing with knuckleballs. "Wait until they stop rolling. Then pick it up. Charlie Lau, the late great guru of hitting a baseball said there are two theories on hitting a knuckleball. "Unfortunately, neither of them work."

I don't think they waxed wise on knuckleheads. So I just had to adapt.
Not much left to do but find zen, sit back and enjoy the show. It's a hoot!

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Comrade PhysioProf said...

Not much left to do but find zen, sit back and enjoy the show.

And pour yourself a motherfucking Jameson!